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Candid Cliff Notes:
How to Select the Right Pentest

In today’s IT environment, one of the biggest risks to a corporation’s valuation is a security breach. But how does a security team apply their budget in a way that ensures the applications, websites, and other assets are secure? Security Vendors make wide claims about the effectiveness of their products—making it almost impossible to identify the right vendor for your security needs.

In this webinar, we’ll shed light on the various terms and claims to give you a clear view of what different tests accomplish and what their respective value is so that your security dollars are put to good use.

You'll learn:

  • How crowdsourcing penetration testing produces good test depth by creating incentives and a competitive environment to get the most from researchers testing your applications.
  • Why using a checklist to determine if you need a compliance test, security scan, bug bounty, or comprehensive security testing can ensure your security is at the level you need.
  • Why many “bug bounty” organizations claiming to be crowdsourced lack the benefits of a true crowdsourced penetration test.