cover_Heading Off a Cloud Security Crisis

Heading Off a Cloud Security Crisis

Application workloads deployed in the cloud, in theory at least, should be more secure than those deployed on-premises, because a cloud service provider has all the expertise required to secure those platforms.

Organizations run into trouble, however, when responsibility for cloud security is shared between the cloud service provider and the IT personnel that deploy application workloads. The DevOps teams that are mainly responsible for provisioning cloud infrastructure have varying levels of expertise. Not surprisingly, misconfigurations cause the biggest cloud security problems. DevOps teams using open-source tools such as Terraform are prone to make mistakes and there is often not enough cybersecurity expertise available to find them all—let alone fix them—once they are discovered.

Cloud security concerns, of course, extend well beyond configuration issues. Most cybersecurity teams don’t get a chance to scan application workloads for vulnerabilities before they are deployed. More challenging still, many vulnerabilities might not even be discovered until after an application workload runs in a production environment.

Multiply these issues by the number of clouds that any IT organization might employ and it quickly becomes apparent that ensuring cloud security has become more difficult and challenging than ever.

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