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Strategies for Smart Developers

Threats to cybersecurity these days are ubiquitous and relentless. It’s become so bad that trying to keep up with them after programs are deployed has become almost impossible. However, in this age of DevSecOps, continuous delivery, and more data paydirt than ever before, shrewd organizations are helping developers just like you upskill into security-aware superstars that assist in eliminating common vulnerabilities before they ever make it to production. When you’re producing high quality code without those annoying, show-stopping bugs, not only is it safer for the end-user, it means less rework and disruption for you.

This eBook focuses on some of the worst security bugs as they relate to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These are so prevalent that they made the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) list of top API vulnerabilities. Given how important APIs are to modern computing infrastructures, these are critical problems that you need to keep out of your applications and programs at all costs.